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Meet the dedicated professionals driving Valley Community Management towards excellence in every home and community.

Four Decades of Family Leadership

Team Excellence

At Valley Community Management (VCM), the Surnamer family legacy spans over 40 years, blending deep-rooted values with a vision for the future. Now steering through its second generation, our team upholds the tradition of compassion and professionalism, making our communities more than just places to live—they are places where residents are proud to call home. In the rapidly growing Lehigh Valley, we’re not just keeping pace; we’re setting standards, offering secure and desirable housing that embodies both the area’s economic vibrancy and the essential need for affordability. Our team’s dedication ensures that your home is a foundation of security and stability, managed by professionals as committed to their duty as you are to yours. Discover why choosing a VCM property means investing in a home where care, trust, and professionalism define every aspect of community living.

At VCM, every conversation starts with listening and understanding. Our experienced team combines expertise with genuine care, ensuring every solution we offer is tailored to meet your needs with respect and excellence. It’s not just about resolving issues—it’s about building lasting relationships grounded in trust and satisfaction.


Jared Surnamer

Raised in Allentown, Jared Surnamer treasures the legacy of his family’s 40-year commitment to creating homes and communities. His journey from NYU’s Stern School of Business back to his roots, armed with knowledge and a passion for construction management, showcases his dedication to enhancing manufactured housing. As Eastern Regional Director for the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association, Jared’s leadership not only honors his family’s legacy but innovatively pushes the boundaries of affordable housing, proving it’s more than a business—it’s a mission to serve.


Angel de Jesus

Angel de Jesus transformed her initial curiosity in real estate into a profound passion for property management. Starting her journey as an administrative assistant, Angel’s path led her through the management of diverse residential and commercial properties, showcasing her adaptability and dedication. Her vast experience culminates in her role at VCM, where she applies her knowledge and PA Real Estate expertise to enhance community living. Angel’s story is a testament to growth and love for her work, inspiring a belief in the transformative power of dedicated property management.


Jake Cooper

From the vibrant streets of Baltimore to the heart of Pennsylvania, Jake Cooper’s administrative prowess has been a cornerstone of entrepreneurial ventures across various sectors. At VCM, Jake is the linchpin that enhances operational efficiency, ensuring seamless service to residents and vendors. His journey reflects a dedication to excellence and a zest for life, enriching VCM with a spirit of innovation and care. Outside work, Jake’s joys—strategy games, music, and moments with his beloved dogs—mirror his multifaceted approach to professional challenges and personal fulfillment.


Siani Ozoa

Siani Ozoa’s 2021 arrival to VCM brought a wave of fresh enthusiasm and a robust background in management and customer service. Her leadership is characterized by a profound dedication to excellence and community well-being. Siani’s daily mission is to weave the fabric of our communities tighter, enhancing resident experiences while upholding VCM standards. Her commitment to professional growth and passion for manufactured housing education embody the heart of VCM’s mission. Off-duty, Siani cherishes adventures and quality time with her family, embodying the balance between personal joy and professional dedication.


Calah Opie

Calah Opie’s journey from the sunny realms of California and Arizona to Pennsylvania encapsulates a story of exploration and finding one’s calling. With rich experience in childcare and administration, Calah’s transition to VCM in 2022 marks a new chapter where professional growth meets personal satisfaction. Her narrative is woven with threads of resilience, adaptability, and a quest for knowledge. At home, Calah’s life is filled with love, from cherished calls to her family to adventures with her husband. Her story at VCM is just beginning—a promise of growth and discovery.


Kristina Jonica

Kristina Jonica, with her rich tapestry of international marketing experience, brings a dynamic flair to VCM’s storytelling. Her expertise, honed in the competitive arenas of real estate and hospitality, now fuels VCM’s vision, aligning marketing strategies with heartfelt stories of home and community. Kristina’s passion for digital innovation and cultural exploration enriches her creative process, infusing VCM’s campaigns with authenticity and global insights. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kristina’s love for technology, diving, and travel reflects her continuous quest for inspiration and understanding, driving VCM towards uncharted territories of success and connection.


Don Kelsch

Don Kelsch’s 17-year dedication to Glencrest weaves a story of commitment and community pride. His role is pivotal in sculpting the landscapes and maintaining the heartbeats of our homes. Beyond his technical skills, Don embodies the spirit of VCM—where every task is a testament to our collective home. His leisure time, shared with family by the beach or on a boat, mirrors his professional life’s dedication—a seamless blend of personal passion and professional commitment, ensuring our communities not only endure but flourish.


William Cuadrado

William Cuadrado’s journey with VCM, particularly at Glencrest alongside Don, is a narrative of unwavering teamwork and shared goals. His expertise not only maintains but elevates our community’s standards, tackling challenges with a proactive spirit. William’s story is more than just maintenance; it’s about creating spaces where life thrives. His dedication underscores a profound respect for our communities, ensuring every corner speaks of care and attention. Off the clock, William’s commitment to excellence continues, embracing challenges and new learning opportunities with open arms.


Rick Bartholomew

Rick Bartholomew’s 2022 addition to VCM brought with him a decade of maintenance knowledge and a heart full of dedication. In every task, Rick sees an opportunity to enhance the living experiences of our residents, embodying VCM’s ethos of care and community. His free time is a reflection of his work ethic—devoted to his dog, Scooby, tending to his garden, and volunteering at the American Legion. Rick’s journey at VCM is not just about maintenance; it’s about nurturing environments where communities can thrive and individuals can find belonging.


Tom Hawk

Tom Hawk, with 25 years under his belt, joined VCM’s family through the addition of Hanover Landings, bringing invaluable experience and a cooperative spirit. His expertise transcends maintenance; it’s about crafting safe, welcoming spaces for every resident. Tom’s passion for the outdoors and his volunteer work at the American Legion reflect the depth of his commitment to community and country. His story at VCM intertwines personal passions with professional dedication, ensuring our communities are not just maintained but cherished as spaces of warmth and welcome.


Kevin Greene

Kevin Greene’s diverse background, spanning from auto mechanics to civil carpentry, enriches VCM’s maintenance team since December 2022. His hands-on experience and team-oriented attitude bring a wealth of knowledge to our community care efforts. Kevin’s approach to maintenance goes beyond repairs; it’s about enhancing our residents’ quality of life. In his free time, Kevin’s pursuits—from woodworking to motorcycle riding—reflect his multifaceted skills and love for creation. At VCM, Kevin’s story is one of transition, teamwork, and the continual drive to contribute to a thriving, well-cared-for community.

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