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VCM Expands Its Family with Hamilton Village and Andel MHP in Lehigh Valley

Valley Community Management warmly welcomes Hamilton Village and Andel MHP to their expanding family of properties in Lehigh Valley, promising secure and welcoming homes for all residents.

VCM Grows Portfolio with New Lehigh Valley Communities

In an exciting development for the Lehigh Valley region, Valley Community Management (VCM) is proud to announce the addition of two new properties to its growing portfolio: Hamilton Village, formerly known as Opperman Mobile Home Park, and Andel Mobile Home Park. This strategic expansion exemplifies VCM’s commitment to growth and providing top-tier housing options in the community.

Hamilton Village: A New Chapter for Opperman Mobile Home Park

Hamilton Village joins the VCM family, bringing with it a legacy of community and a fresh opportunity for growth under the VCM banner. VCM plans to enhance the community, ensuring it remains a sought-after destination for those seeking affordable housing solutions in Pennsylvania.

Andel MHP: Expanding VCM’s Reach in the Lehigh Valley

With the acquisition of Andel Mobile Home Park, VCM not only expands its geographical footprint but also reinforces its dedication to offering cost-effective and comfortable living in the heart of Pennsylvania. VCM’s approach promises to invigorate the community with its resident-focused property management services.

Strengthening Community Ties in the Lehigh Valley

The integration of Hamilton Village and Andel MHP into VCM’s portfolio is more than a business move; it’s a commitment to strengthen the bonds within the Lehigh Valley community. VCM is set to implement its renowned community management and development strategies to benefit the residents of these new properties.

A Future Vision for Affordable Living

As VCM welcomes these new communities, it also lays out a vision for the future. By providing secure and eco-friendly manufactured homes, VCM aims to meet the rising demand for affordable living options while contributing to the economic and social vitality of the region.

Conclusion: The addition of Hamilton Village and Andel Mobile Home Park is a significant milestone for Valley Community Management. It’s a clear indication of VCM’s resolve to grow and provide quality, affordable housing in the Lehigh Valley. Residents can look forward to a new era of community engagement, security, and well-being as they become part of the VCM family.


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