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VCM Secures Spot in National MH Community Rankings with Innovative Land-Lease Solutions in PA

Valley Community Management earns national recognition in The Allen Report as one of the leading Land Lease Community operators in the U.S., specializing in affordable housing in Pennsylvania.

In a recent landmark achievement, Valley Community Management (VCM) has been featured in the 30th anniversary edition of The Allen Report, gaining national recognition as a leader among land-lease community operators in North America. VCM’s dedication to affordable housing solutions and community development within Pennsylvania has culminated in its rank as the 92nd largest community operator in the United States.

A Milestone for VCM: Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in MH Communities Reflecting on three decades of committed service in the mobile home community sector, VCM has established itself as a cornerstone of affordable and quality living in Pennsylvania. The Allen Report’s recognition underscores VCM’s journey from a family-run endeavor to a nationally acclaimed operator.

The Allen Report: Benchmarking Success in the Land-Lease Community Market The Allen Report has long been a respected source for benchmarking the performance of land-lease community operators. VCM’s inclusion in this prestigious report is not just an honor, but a testament to the company’s growth and strategic expansion over the past years.

VCM’s Philosophy: Balancing Family Values with Corporate Excellence Under the leadership of President Jared Surnamer, VCM has navigated the fine balance between maintaining its familial roots and embracing the dynamics of corporate expansion. This dual approach has been central to VCM’s strategy in providing mobile home rentals and sales, as well as land-lease community services throughout Pennsylvania.

Looking Ahead: VCM’s Vision for Future Growth and Development VCM’s future is one of innovation and expansion. With plans to continue the legacy of providing cost-effective living solutions, VCM is poised for further advancement in the mobile home park management landscape, promising to elevate standards for land-lease communities in PA and beyond.

Joining the Ranks: What VCM’s National Ranking Means for Pennsylvania VCM’s rank in the Allen Report not only highlights its success but also signals a growing recognition of Pennsylvania as a hub for pioneering mobile home community management. This achievement encourages other operators in the state to aspire towards national excellence.

Conclusion: Valley Community Management’s recognition in The Allen Report is a proud moment for the entire VCM family and the Lehigh Valley community. It’s a reaffirmation of VCM’s commitment to developing mobile home communities that are not just affordable, but also enriching and supportive environments for all residents. As VCM looks to the future, it stands ready to continue enhancing its services, contributing to Pennsylvania’s reputation for quality land-lease living solutions.


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